Guizhou suffered another storm hit Rongjiang county was flooded

There are four townships in Guizhou Province
Commentary on July 1 8:00 to 2 at 8:00, Guizhou Province, there are four townships of heavy rain, which Rongjiang County Pingyong Town 292 mm, tower stone Township 214 mm, 224 km in the town, Leishan County Yongle Town 209 Mm, another Rongjiang, Lei Shan has 24 townships 30 heavy rain, Rongjiang county was flooded. July 1 8 to 2 at 6 pm, Guizhou Province Rongjiang County down to heavy rain, Zhaihe River, Pingyonghe are more than warning water level. As of 2 o'clock on the 2nd morning, Pingyong, Zhaoxiang town was flooded, the county town of Riverside Garden was flooded, the bridge at the foot of all low floods, the new city artificial river water soared, the water out of the road, serious water on the road, cm. At present, the local has started a flood control plan, the organization staff flood fighting and rescue. According to the meteorological department is expected, July 2 during the day to night, Rongjiang County in the heavy rain, some towns will still have heavy rain. (Xu Shengxiu Zhang Qiwu Liang Lunping Pu Wensi Guizhou Guizhou Southeast reported)

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