Car was designated as illegal car rental business investment suffered heavy losses

Xi'an taxi management office also engaged in car private cars and leased vehicles for seizure
Whether the car should now be right or left, there is no clear guidance at the national policy level. In early June 2015, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, taxi management office will be car positioning "illegal operation", and in the taxi dome light advertising "private cars, taxis are engaged in passenger services are illegal" publicity. In addition, the Xi'an taxi management office also engaged in car private cars and leased vehicles for seizure, and impose a fine of 50,000 yuan. Similarly, also in June 2015, Guangzhou City, the Commission has made a statement, about the car rental management approach is being developed, the new approach is expected to answer the private car, rental car can access the car about the problem, that is to say The direction of the legalization of the car. "Although the surface is in the discussion of whether the legalization of the car, but behind it is affecting the hundreds of billions of investment can continue." Shenzhen to win the car to rent Shaanxi Shaanxi regional branch of the high to the "China Business" reporter said , The company has suspended all the business related to the car, if the car once the illegal, the company will lose millions of dollars, the country may have hundreds of billions of car investment can not be sustained. Car was designated as illegal from the beginning of June, Xi'an car was clearly identified as "illegal operation." Car driver Wang Hui (a pseudonym) told reporters that in Xi'an, whether private cars or rental cars as long as the passenger were designated as illegal operation, once seized, will pay a fine of 50,000 yuan. Wang Hui's car is in early June was seized. According to Wang Hui introduced the day through a taxi software successfully received a short distance from the car business, the vehicle on the way by the Xi'an City Vehicle Transport Management Office of the law enforcement officers seized, together with the vehicle was seized for Single phone and associated bank card. After the vehicle was seized, Xi'an taxi management office to Wang Hui issued a fine of 50,000 yuan, and asked to be turned over within 15 days. Taxi Administration Department is given a fine basis is that the vehicle did not obtain the right to operate the taxi is illegal. As for the fine of 50,000 yuan in accordance with the provisions of the "Taxi Management Regulations" Article 50, for violation of the relevant provisions of the taxi regulations vehicles, by the taxi industry management agencies to suspend illegal operation of vehicles, confiscate the illegal income, and 1 Million to 50,000 yuan fine of the provisions of the out. However, for the Xi'an taxi management office of the punishment decision, Wang Hui does not agree. Wang Hui believes that the first car does not belong to the taxi but the rental vehicle; Secondly, the car concept is a new concept, not suitable for "taxi management regulations." Therefore, Wang Hui did not pay the corresponding fine of 50,000 yuan. In fact, Wang Hui's car was seized is not a case. According to car practitioners revealed that the current seized cars in Shaanxi Province has hundreds of cars, and this figure is gradually rising. In addition, the reporter also from Wang Hui provided by the vehicle information found in the vehicle was seized vehicles are leasing company vehicles, and in Shaanxi Province transport management departments do "car rental" for the record, the main undertaking is the drip car business , And signed a business contract. "The car is currently at the national level does not have clear guidance, the reason why the car service as illegal operation, is indeed open to question, but this is the decision of the room, and therefore can only be implemented." Xi'an taxi management office Bit of the staff to the reporter said. On the other hand, the person also said: "The reason why the car service is characterized as illegal operation, to some extent because the taxi industry to give us too much pressure." Ten billion investment is difficult to sustain "on the surface although it is in the discussion of whether the car is legal , But behind it affects the hundreds of billions of investment is able to continue. "High runner told reporters that from the second half of 2014 to win when the steam through the rent and drop, fast drop cooperation mode is the steam car company to provide vehicles, Specific operations by the drop to carry out. Then in order to expand the business volume, the driver can also rent a car rental system and then linked to the drip platform for car service, provided that the vehicle must purchase commercial insurance, the driver must be pre-job training to posts. Win when the car rent from the beginning of dozens of cars to now have hundreds of rental vehicles to undertake car business. Gao Yajun to reporters calculations, if all in accordance with the mid-range models of 150,000 yuan per vehicle price calculation, only to win the steam through a rent and the initial cooperation plan is 500, involving funds for 75 million yuan, China car rental There are thousands of vehicles, involving funds on the billion, if placed in the country, involving tens of thousands of vehicles may be involved, there will be hundreds of billions of investment funds. However, it is such a big investment but because the policy is unknown and can not be sustained. One in Xi'an has hundreds of cars and drops of cooperation with the steam company responsible person told reporters that if the country at first thought that the car is illegal, then it should not let the network about the development of the car. At present, whether it is a drop or steam leasing companies have invested a lot of money, if this time to stop, then, after a large number of inputs may be drifting, in addition, is not conducive to the taxi industry reform. The person also said that because the car is market-oriented operation, open a higher degree, as long as the standard with the vehicle and professional driving skills, after training can be car service; therefore, there are many drivers to the car sales company or steam rent Company mortgage vehicles through the drip platform in the car business, if the car once qualitative as illegal, then the drivers will lose the source of income, which can not repay the monthly supply. The type of car, the people predicted that there may be thousands of the country, involving hundreds of millions of dollars of funds. Policy to be a high subsidy and high-quality services to the car overnight to become a first-tier cities or second-tier cities in the first choice for traffic travel, but the car has been controversial. At the beginning of June, the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission Transport Administration, the Municipal Traffic Law Enforcement Corps and the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Security Corps jointly interviewed the "drip car" platform service personnel, pointed out that the company launched the drip and fast drop car business, the use of private Vehicles and leasing vehicles to accompany the driver, in accordance with the wishes of passengers to provide transport services and in accordance with mileage and time charges passenger services, in violation of the existing laws and regulations. In early June, the deputy secretary-general of the Xi'an Municipal Government hosted a special meeting to study the "Implementation Plan for the Implementation of the Joint Operation of Illegal Operation" and the "Emergency Plan for the Maintenance of the Taxi Industry in Xi'an", and a number of law enforcement departments and functional departments The discussion. Also in early June, Guangzhou City Commission said that the car rental management approach is being developed, the recent release of the draft. The new approach is expected to answer the private car, rental car can access the car about the problem, so as to clear whether the car is legal. "Now the lack of policy is a reasonable guide." Xi'an, a government official told this reporter that if the "one size fits all" type of car will be characterized as illegal, obviously inappropriate; if all the vehicles involved in the car business It is not conducive to the development of the entire passenger transport industry; therefore, there should be a difference between the vehicle in line with the relevant requirements, such as the vehicle has been made for the record of the vehicle for its finalists; for those private cars did not get custody department Recorded vehicles should be banned. The official also explained that the reason why Xi'an will increase the investigation of the car, in addition to the car market management is too confusing, the more from the taxi industry pressure, the taxi industry that the car squeezed the taxi The original market share. Therefore, the official hope that the Government can clarify the legal advice on whether the car is legitimate, which will help improve the current passenger service market, but also conducive to the relevant functional departments involved in the vehicle to explain the individual or company.

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