Jiangsu Yangzhou shooting case: a man in the leg of the gun and murderer has been brought to justice

Yangzhou TV Yangzhou, according to reports

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Xi Jinping visit to Pakistan is of great significance to the relationship between the two sides

About Indonesia to attend the Asia-Africa Leaders' Meeting and the 60th Anniversary of the Bandung Conference

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Pakistan suffered a heat wave tortured a week has caused 1233 deaths (Figure)

The Sindh government announced a state of emergency in Karachi

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Due to air traffic accidents in Japan loaded 67 passengers almost hit the engineering vehicle

The wheels of the main wing of the aircraft are exposed to the runway and take off again

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Netcom Shanghai police wounded Japanese men were suspended police: rumors

The Japanese police who were beaten were suspended

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Shanghai "old Lai" arrears over 100 million yuan refused to repay the detention

And requested it to report property to the court on 25 May 2015

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Two cars at work when the car rubbed a car abandon the car ran to the unit punch

One side of the driver insisted on going to the nearby unit punch

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Female white-collar workers go to South Korea plastic surgery encounter nightmare into "forever crooked mouth"

Went to South Korea to change the capacity of Rong Rong snow told reporters

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Kunming, a man was coerced after the collision special police vehicles for help

North City Beichen Fortune Center, a civilian car hit the special police on duty vehicles incident

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Shenyang residential area possession of national cottage construction residents "Arc de Triomphe" under the cabbage

Also Egyptian Sphinx, Singapore Merlion, Sydney, Australia Opera House and the French Louvre, etc.

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"Nobel Prize" busy bad betting company Murakami spring odds ranked second

Followed by the two American writers have long been the earliest odds list

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Shanghai quietly the rise of pet luxury funeral spirit worth millions (Figure)

To the cremation of pets and even held memorial service

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Hubei four department-level cadres suspected of serious discipline was removed from office

Hubei Provincial Party Committee has decided to remove the Hubei Provincial Reclamation Bureau of the Deputy Director of the post

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Ministry of Public Security: the establishment of police police normal public inspection and enforcement mechanism

The deployment of the national public security organs to establish a universal police police routine inspection and enforcement mechanism

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Han Jeju crackdown on illegal Chinese billboards local people questioned Han card too little

Jeju to rectify the Chinese identity card also has a helpless side

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Deputy Mayor Yang Delin of Sichuan Deyang was arrested on suspicion of bribery

According to the law on suspicion of bribery to Deyang City, the former Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Yang Enlin (deputy department level) decided to arrest

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Hebei, one of the major economic suspects were escaped abroad to be escorted back home

To engage in housing with mortgages and others signed a loan agreement

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The Maldives announced that it had been disagreed with Iran for its impact on regional peace

In 1975 and Iran to establish diplomatic relations

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